Qianhao Group includes five factories.

Ningbo Fenghua Huawei Investment Casting Co.,LTD- Casting
Ningbo Qianhao Machinery Co.,LTD- Cutting Plate & Sheet Metal
Ningbo Qianhao Metal Product Co.,LTD- Machining & Welding
Ningbo Yinzhou Longxing Machinery Manufacturing Factory- Corporate Headquarter
Ningbo Qianhao Industry Co.,LTD- Under Construction

Each factory has an independent dedicated management team experienced with their respective processes.

The corporate management board oversee and coordinate the division operations.


Being a one-stop supply-chain solution for various kinds of castings and forgings, Qianhao group has maintained solid strategic partnership with different foundries and forging factories to meet all our customer requirements under one roof.                  
Silica Sol -               1
Sand casting -         3  (1 steel + 2 iron).          
Steel forging -         4

Qianhao is recognized as the most reliable and trustworthy partner and has offer our customers below advantages:

1. We act as central control and coordinate order processing, production planning & logistics, you have one point QA accountability and a coordinated supply chain focus

2. With more than 20 years cooperation experience and practice of advanced western management mode, we have deep understanding of the needs and culture of European and USA customer and have implemented the same in these factories.

3. Our powerful machining capabilities and whole-chain quality control abilities is the backbone you can bank on for machined cast steel, cast iron and forging finished parts.

4. Qianhao purchasing team's rich experience in sourcing castings and forgings can effectively reduce your cost.